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Rich Roll SYDNEY - Living The Plantpower Way tour

Living The Plantpower Way - Transform To A Life Of Health, Vitality And Authenticity



Brought to you by New Normal Project in conjunction with Conscious Club and SumoSalad. With support from Raw Events Australia

International health and wellbeing transformation experts, husband and wife team, Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, are coming to Australia for the very first time to deliver an evening of conscious content designed to help you live your most authentic, healthy life.

Their stories will deliver motivational messages for the modern thinker. They will tell you how their own lives have been enriched with the power of great nourishment - of both the body and the mind. This one-off event is too important to miss – and one that will help inspire you to forge a new path towards better health, better fitness and greater motivation.

f being conscious about your health matters to you, it’s the ideal time to take your thinking to a whole new level. Whether you’re vegan, a plant-based performance athlete, a yoga & meditation aficionado or anyone with a genuine interest in fresh ways to live your best life, this event is the perfect way to transform your journey into 2017 and far beyond.

he event begins with a plant-based meal, designed by Julie Piatt and Rich Roll and provided by Sumo Salad.

ncluded in the evening program are:

  • A short guided meditation by Julie to achieve focus and clarity for the evening's events,

  • A powerful keynote keynote presentation by Rich Roll,

  • A musical performance from Julie,

  • Inspiring presentations by local speakers Andrew Davies and Andrew Taylor on their own transformations,

  • An open and honest Q & A conversation with Rich and Julie to help clarify the key take away actions to live a more authentic life.

Julie and Rich are shining examples of a couple truly living their most authentic lives. They offer each other loving support while maintaining complete individuality within their relationship. Their transparency and honesty in sharing candidly about their differences in perspective and how they navigate the divide has been an inspiration to many people across the globe.